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Week 2 Digitized Documents

Julia Brock

A “Sporting Fraternity”
Northern Hunters and the Transformation of Southern Game Law in the Red Hills Region, 1880-1920

James Jack Hadley

African-American Life on the Southern Hunting Plantation

Robin Bauer Kilgo 

Life and Labor on the Southern Sporting Plantation
African American Tenants at Tall Timbers Plantation, 1920-1944

W. Irwin MacIntyre

Colored Soldiers

Scott McAleer

Great Indignation
A Study of Racial Violence in Thomas County, Georgia, 1930

Gregory Mixon

The Atlanta Riot
Race, Class, and Violence in a New South City

Arthur F. Raper

The Tragedy of Lynching

Nina Silber

Sick Yankees in Paradise

Michael Ayers Trotti

What Counts: 
Trends in Racial Violence in the Postbellum South

Chad Williams

Soldiers to “New Negros”

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Document Reader 3

Tourism and Hunting Plantations

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Document Reader 5

Crime, Violence, and Lynching

Document Reader 6

Education, Religion, and Culture

Document Reader 7

War and Society

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